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Hours & Situation Updates

Hi everyone! How are we all doing? <3 We expect a lot of you are excited to be able to come back and browse soon, and we are excited too, we miss you!! Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate (but manageable) events, we will be remaining closed for the time being. We do feel it is probably too soon to safely open, but regardless, our staff members have had several personal emergencies, and we feel for the time being that it is in their best interests not to return to work yet. Our curbside process has been working well, and we can continue to do it this way as long as we need, with your support! We know it takes a little more time to do things this way, and a little more working togeth

BLM Audiobook Fundraiser

Hello everyone! BLACK LIVES MATTER! ALL AUDIOBOOK PROCEEDS DONATED TO MANY CRITICAL ANTIRACISM BOOKS are out of stock and this is the fastest way to get them. (includes reading list) I will continue to make myself available here 12-5 daily for whatever book or informational needs you may have :) Thank you as always for your support of us, of books and bookstores, of the American right to free speech and protest, of antifascism and antiracism. Stacie (& hard backed by everyone else here)

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