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Announcing: Partnership with Teen Readers Society!

We are SO EXCITED to announce our partnership with Teen Readers Society! TRS is a nonprofit organization that works to get books into the hands of teens in order to encourage reading for pleasure, fun, joy & hope! In order to run this amazing program, fiscal donations are very much needed. If you are interested in donating to get books into the hands of young people across the country, you can do so HERE. Currently, TRS is focused on getting books into the hands of teens affected by the massive fires happening across the West, with their "Blind Date with a Book" program. And we at Spectator are working with them to make this happen ASAP! So give them a follow on Instagram (@teenreaderssocie

Limited Edition T-Shirt

We now have a limited edition shirt for sale as a fundraiser, designed by the folks at Bonfire (with some direction from yours truly): (image below -- sorry it's not crisp, but you can see it more clearly at the link!) It's only available for 11 more days, so get it while you can, and thank you so much for your support!! OTHER UPDATES: --We are not yet able to take in donations or trade in used items; we are so sorry for the wait and the inconvenience! We are actively working to make this possible again, but we are working with a skeleton crew and running the shop the way we have to right now takes up a lot more time and energy

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