EDIT: Position has been filled!

We are looking to hire a full-time store clerk for our new & used bookshop! We are seeking someone with STRONG organizational skills, a STRONG penchant for detail, great communication skills, friendliness and patience, who would be ultimately capable of not only running the store for periods of time on their own (it is a relatively small shop), but also able to pick up some of the more complicated background tasks of running the store.

Initial tasks would include running the register, doing some shelving, organizing displays, keeping track of stock, customer service, special ordering, & opening or closing shop, with promotion to buying used books from customers, processing those books, receiving new stock, placing orders with our distributor, and keeping track of our supplies.

Whomever we hire should be willing and able to assist in various admin responsibilities as well as be a self-starter who can handle their assigned tasks without much supervision once they are properly comfortable with what is expected of them. So, the job is essentially part store clerk, part administrative assistant. The shop is a cozy environment but the job can at times be quite fast-paced, and requires a bit of lifting as well.

We are happy to train the right candidate if they are willing to commit to staying on awhile, but book experience is a huge plus; the right candidate will at the very least be deeply interested in books. The ability to keep track of a wide range of often-changing details is of paramount importance! Please have an open schedule as this is a full time position that will be subject to changing hours initially. Payment will be discussed during the interview process. Please email resumes with cover letters to spectatorbooks@gmail.com. Thank you!