Hello everybody, we hope you are all doing as well as possible!

We will be continue to be closed for the time being due to COVID-19 quarantine for browsing, as no one can come into the shop, but Tibby and I will be here from 12-5 daily to take your phone call and email orders and safely do curbside pickups :) We can also arrange other times if needed. We also ship, we can special order, and we have gift certificates, T-shirts, totes, in addition to our books, movies, puzzles and more. If you have the means, and would like to help us stay afloat through this, your orders are most welcome and we are very grateful & so happy to help! If you need special curation or want to virtually browse, we can do that too, and I've been posting our wares over on Instagram and Facebook (@spectatorbooks; #spectatorbooksforsale). We have Paypal invoicing or can take a credit card over the phone securely.

If you'd like to support us with audiobooks, please visit !

We are so lucky to have the kind of community we have here and want everyone to be safe and healthy. We know a lot of industries are being hit very hard, and many of us have serious economic concerns as well, but we are not alone, and now's a great time to read a book! Thanks for checking in with us, and take care of each other!! We love y'all!!


For orders:


PS We are not able to do trade-ins at this time :( BUT we are really going to need to re-stock our shelves when this is over! So if you have things to bring in, get them ready and we'll make sure that happens as soon as possible <3