Hours & Situation Updates

Hi everyone! How are we all doing? <3

We expect a lot of you are excited to be able to come back and browse soon, and we are excited too, we miss you!!

Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate (but manageable) events, we will be remaining closed for the time being. We do feel it is probably too soon to safely open, but regardless, our staff members have had several personal emergencies, and we feel for the time being that it is in their best interests not to return to work yet.

Our curbside process has been working well, and we can continue to do it this way as long as we need, with your support! We know it takes a little more time to do things this way, and a little more working together, but we also know our community is strong, generous and considerate, with their priorities straight, and we feel so grateful for that. We definitely want to stick around as long as you all will have us!!

NEW HOURS: 12 pm - 5 pm TUES - SAT (closed Mondays)

As to buybacks / trade-ins:

It's true that we are running quite low on used stock, and eager to start taking more books in. But with the shortage of staff, it's not feasible just yet. If you are able to store your items until we reopen, we will be exceedingly grateful for that! We understand sometimes circumstances do not allow this, so if you need to unload things sooner, please get in touch with me via EMAIL ONLY at spectatorbooks@gmail.com, and we can discuss. I can't guarantee I will be able to take everything, even as a donation, and I will be quarantining anything I do take in for a professionally-suggested period of time as well.

Please get in touch if you would like cards, a curated selection of things to shop from (I can send photos!) or any personal shopping help. It's much easier for me to help with this if you get in touch via email; if you only have a phone, please feel free to call in! Trying to keep the queue fair, also, now that there is only me here.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and please don't forget about our Audiobook fundraiser for Black Lives Matter-related efforts! Info on our website, spectatorbooks.com :)