Limited Edition T-Shirt

We now have a limited edition shirt for sale as a fundraiser, designed by the folks at Bonfire (with some direction from yours truly):

(image below -- sorry it's not crisp, but you can see it more clearly at the link!)

It's only available for 11 more days, so get it while you can, and thank you so much for your support!!


--We are not yet able to take in donations or trade in used items; we are so sorry for the wait and the inconvenience! We are actively working to make this possible again, but we are working with a skeleton crew and running the shop the way we have to right now takes up a lot more time and energy than the usual way. We will update the website and blog once we're ready to start.

--We are still taking orders through email and phone, and we are very happy to help you virtually browse if you aren't sure what you want! We are still posting used and new wares on IG/FB often.

--re: BOOKSHOP.ORG: We just want to make it more clear that they are an affiliate site to us, so what is listed there is what is available through our distributor, not what is here at the shop. We put browsable lists there so that you can see what's new, what we recommend, etc, and then you can email us your order directly in order to make your support go a lot farther for us :) If you want to order through our page on, we still get a small cut and we are grateful for that too.

--It really helps us if you share and tell your friends that we are open for orders! Thank you so much!

--for those who have been asking, Tibby is doing much better, all healed up from his accident, and still in the neighborhood! But, he has taken his leave of the store, and we wish him all the best in his new endeavors! Gabi and Christine have also left us, and while we are sad to see everyone go and already miss their regular presences greatly, we look forward to seeing what comes next for them, and we are so grateful they spent time here with us making this place what it is. Joining us now is Dylan, and we are very excited to welcome him aboard :))

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, we can't stress that enough. We are working very hard to bring you all the services we normally do and have you back to browsing in one way or another as soon as possible!