Announcing: Partnership with Teen Readers Society!

We are SO EXCITED to announce our partnership with Teen Readers Society! TRS is a nonprofit organization that works to get books into the hands of teens in order to encourage reading for pleasure, fun, joy & hope!

In order to run this amazing program, fiscal donations are very much needed. If you are interested in donating to get books into the hands of young people across the country, you can do so HERE.

Currently, TRS is focused on getting books into the hands of teens affected by the massive fires happening across the West, with their "Blind Date with a Book" program. And we at Spectator are working with them to make this happen ASAP! So give them a follow on Instagram (@teenreaderssociety) to keep up with their program, and encourage young people you know to join & engage!

We appreciate any support you are able to throw toward this wonderful project!

Here is a letter from TRS' founder, Judit Langh:

"Dear Spectator Patrons,

The benefits of reading are profound, essential and far reaching. Yet our teens are turning away from books, leaving them less likely to succeed and less likely to be happy. Please help reverse this trend by donating to Teen Readers Society, an innovative online campaign to encourage teens to put down their screens and pick up books. 

The idea of launching Teen Readers Society came to me during long and lazy summer days two years ago, when I realized that my teenage daughters hardly laid their eyes on books anymore. They have always been curious, grew up with reading and surrounded by books. 

Many parents around the world are observing the exact same thing, and you may well be one of them. According to studies published by the American Psychological Association, in the late 1970s, 60% of teens read every day; by 2016, only 16% did.

Research consistently suggests that reading for pleasure reveals a predisposition to lifelong learning and may be the most important indicator of the future success. A reading and well-informed population is essential for sustaining a functioning democracy.

Reading has great benefits to our mental and emotional well-being as well.

According to some research, it works even better than listening to music or taking a walk to reduce stress and anxiety. Falling reading rates may be a factor leading to record levels of anxiety and depression among teenagers, especially as reading is beingreplaced by limitless digital media use. 

And now, with schools struggling to educate our children amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the gaps between the disadvantaged and the affluent are widening, making reading more important than ever.

Changing this situation isn’t easy. But it is possible. Having done our research, we at TRSknow how to get teens reading again. Our most important finding is that teens do value reading. But required reading lists are not the best way to appeal to this age group. A better way to reach them is to create conversations around books and subjects they already care about -- led by other young people. To our knowledge, no other organization does this.

The number of teens following and engaging with our discussions is growing by the hour, literally. And we have seen some truly breathtakinginteraction with the teen followers of our online campaigns. A contest called “Art Through Literature” has attracted some stunning works of art. Within a few weeks, more than 130 teens requested free surprise books that we offered to those who don’t have easy access to books. They want to read! They just need books. We are working to fulfill these wishes through partnerships with small, independent bookstores that are now struggling to stay in business. 

Please help us do more. Help us reach not hundreds or thousands of teens but millions. Help us foster engagement among teens that encourages reading and the acquisition of knowledge that can serve someone for a lifetime.

Please head over to our donation page on our website and choose any amount that fits your budget. For every donation of $10, a teen who is excited about reading will receive a good book. For about $25, we can surprise three young people with books.

Thank you very much for your continued support and helping us inspire a whole new generation of readers. 

Judit Langh 

Teen Readers Society"

1319 Harvard Street Unit F, Santa Monica, CA 90404   |   Tel: 310.310-2654

EIN: 85-0827257

Teen Readers Society, Inc. is a registered California public benefit corporation working to reverse the decline in reading rates among teenagers, with federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status submitted on August 5, 2020 and currently pending.