We are not taking in used items at this time.
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We look at books and movies for store credit exchange only. 


It never hurts to call ahead ~ we reserve the right to cut off buying or shorten hours as needed

We have a small parking lot for your convenience. We buy for store trade only, but it does not expire and is good for just about anything in the store, and also special orders. TWO GROCERY BAGS OR BANKERS BOXES PER DAY PLEASE!

As a general bookstore, we will look at just about any type of book, but we do tend to avoid buying the following: 

--most encyclopedias

--most magazines

--most books with heavy damage, including water damage, mildew, broken spines, extensive writing or highlighting

--most condensed books (some exceptions for children's) 

--most ex-library books (some discard-stamped okay)

We have many years of experience in buying and selling, but we are a relatively small store, so while we will gladly make accommodations and offers as long as we are able, we generally don't look at huge amounts of books at once, buy entire estates, buy exceptionally expensive or rare volumes, or visit homes to make purchases. We will on occasion make an exception to our store-credit-only policy for an unusual collection of art, philosophy, metaphysics or other specialty books -- please email for more information. 

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